Shelly’s boyfriend tells her about how his sister and her girlfriend like to suggestively play fight in front of him trying to provoke him. The revelation draws up similar memories for Shelly of her first experience with a close friend when she was younger.


Shelly’s boyfriend tells her about his sister and her girlfriend and how they try to provoke him by sensually play fighting in front of him. The story reminds Shelly of her first experience doing something similar with one of her girlfriends from high school. The story arouses Shelly and she asks if she could watch the two girls, just for fun.

Her boyfriend agrees to ask and make the arrangements. Once the arrangements are set up, Shelly goes over to meet the girls with a definite agenda in mind. The girls put on a show for Shelly, and even invite her to join in, which she eagerly does thus setting off a spark in Shelly that keeps her focused on similar activities and pursues them in the future.

Time passes and Shelly and the two girls part company ending, temporarily all her participation in her favorite fetish. That is until Brianne comes into the picture. Brianne has answered an ad placed by Shelly to share the rent in an apartment. The two are drawn together and over time they each learn of fetishes neither had heard of before.

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