Diane has a neighbor that goes out of her way to irritate her every chance she gets it finally comes to a head when the neighbor comes walking through the backyard in a pink thong and knee-high leather boots.


Diane and her neighbor a fifty-something former Olympic gymnast are like oil and water. The older woman goes out of her way to get on Diane’s nerves. The neighbor’s real first name is unknown since she goes by her nickname from her Olympic days as Stable.

The antagonism between the two women comes to a head when Stable tells Diane that she and her friends like to wrestle in her basement for fun and exercise. The older woman baits the young Diane into having a match with her and Diane thinks it will give her a chance to put the irritating old lady in her place.

When Diane goes over for their match things are not what she assumed they would be and the elder lady proceeds to take the young girl to school on the mat and gives her an attitude adjustment.

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