A teenaged runaway, Piper is helped by Brielle after begging for a handout in the park. A sympathetic Brielle takes the filthy urchin home to shower, wash her clothes and provide a place to sleep for the night expecting the girl to leave in the morning. She doesn’t.


Eighteen-year-old Piper left her home in New England and looking for a new life and fresh start in Ohio. But her fresh start sputters and soon she is penniless, homeless, and on the street begging for food and money. Her situation appears to change when she sees a nicely dressed woman reading and eating her lunch on a park bench.

A middle-aged attorney, Brielle is taking advantage of a beautiful October Sunday and reading in the park when her quiet reverie is interrupted by the scruffy homeless girl looking for a handout. The sympathetic lawyer shares her sandwich with the girl and learns about her dire situation. She offers to take the girl home to clean up and maybe wash her clothes.

The kind-hearted Brielle fixes the girl supper, gives her clean clothes, and launders her dirty ones. After dinner, Brielle realizes that the girl will need a place to stay till morning and offers her the couch for the night. The grateful Piper feels indebted to the kind lady and offers to pay her back. What she offers the attorney, doesn’t come as a shock and accepts giving the girl a boost to her self-esteem.

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