Connie is lured into a group of punk rock girls that expose her to alcohol, tobacco, and other more lascivious things before her English Lit teacher convinces her the error of her ways.


An unseemly gang of girls from Connie’s high school try to lure her into their world of punk and Manga. Their fascination with Connie is they believe she looks like a Manga hero their leader idolizes.

Connie succumbs to the lure of the girl gang and their lascivious ways, until one of her teachers, Miss Parella reveals she is aware of her involvement with the gang and that the gang will do nothing but get the innocent girl into lots of trouble. She has her come over to her house to explain to her the error in her thinking.

So impressed with her teacher’s explanation Connie becomes attached to the buxom teacher and develops a crush on her. Both would like the relationship to blossom, and once they get Connie’s mother’s permission to date the deal is sealed and their lusty adventure begins.  

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