Ella and Kayley are lovers who live by a unique code that allows them a great deal of latitude in the area of fidelity, the code has worked for years until Ella gets caught up in a situation with a former teammate.


Ella and Kayley grew up in Southern California together as best friends. Their closeness became more than friendship and blossomed into something more romantic. So it was no surprise that when it was time to head off to college the two friends would attend the same school and be roommates.

During their times in California, it amazed their friends that Ella and Kayley had little in common. Kayley was a girlie girl and popular, Ella was a pure tomboy and loved sports, especially volleyball. Each was interested in the other enough that it allowed the two to move easily through the other’s world when it was necessary. Be it as a jock or as a homecoming queen.

The two were so used to sharing everything, they even shared each other’s friends without any qualms about fidelity issues. That is until Ella made a trip home from college and was lured into a relationship with a former teammate of hers. Confusion sets in and Ella is challenged to adhere to the code she and Kayley have promised to abide by.

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