Tory grew up east of Cincinnati and from an early age liked the feelings she had rough housing with her friends, both boys and girls. As she grew up she found more erotic outlets for those feelings.


At eighteen, Tory would drive into the big city of Cincinnati in hopes of finding playmates that shared her passion for rough physical contact. These pickups always followed the same scenario. Tory would play the innocent teen and allow an older woman to try to seduce her. Before the unwitting older women realized it, Tory usually had them ensnared in her kind of playtime. Usually, an all-out catfight, and then some serious D/s between the winner and the loser. 

That was how the sexy blonde teen met Betty. Betty hit on her in a bookstore and invited her back to her place to see her collection of books. Once Betty began her seduction, Tory as usual repulsed the older woman’s advances then it escalated into a hair-pulling catfight. Just as Tory had done many times before she subdued Betty and used the older woman for her pleasure.

Once the two had gotten dressed, Betty took Tory home and told her about other women that would enjoy meeting Tory. She invited her friend Stella to join the two of them and the three ended up in a three-way round-robin contest. When the three of them were talking afterward about their interest in female-on-female combat, Betty and Stella reveal to Tory that they belong to an organized group of like-minded women. That was enough for Tory, she begged to join, and the two older women invited her to come to their next get-together. Tory never looked back from that moment on.

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