Lewd Lesbians Looking for Like-Minded Lovers

If you like lesbian erotica with gorgeous girls, looking for gratuitous sex and lascivious hook-ups, these eight stories are SPOT ON!



1 Tight Spot or She Meets Stephanie

Meghan, an unhappily married woman, plans to spend New Year’s Eve, alone, without her husband. Until she meets Stephanie!

2 The Right Spot or A Sense of Liberation

Thirty-something Brittany is recently divorced. An event that, instead of bringing sorrow, brought Brittany a sense of liberation.

3- Deep Spot or In Way Too Deep

Cindy and Jackie are best friends. Cindy is straight as an arrow; Jackie is a devout lesbian. This relationship, often brings about a clash of opinions, that at times teeters on the edge of seduction or even destruction of their friendship.

4 Pleasure Spot or What is Pleasure

Alena Browne is a successful lawyer in a large firm. Her administrative assistant begins maternity leave, and HR assigns a nineteen-year-old bombshell that proves to be real trouble

5- Dream Spot or Chasing a Dream

Sandie Moved to Las Vegas for Fame and Fortune at an Early Age. What She Found Was Something More Priceless to Her.

6- Dark Spot or Dark Passage

Leisha has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her lover. The love between the two women is strong and each feels they are the complement the other

7- Shadow Spot or Standing in the Shadows of Lust

Hannah has just been hired by Carise, a superstar rock star. Hannah feels life is as good as it can be. Until Ellie shows up.

8- Tricky Spot or Slick Trick

Sarah Jane decides to take an erotic trip on the wild side and responds to an ad on Craigslist.

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