Anya, an eighteen-year-old college student comes to grips with her lesbian leanings and begins obsessing over her next-door neighbor especially when she sunbathes topless.


Petite Anya and college student has been wrestling with her sexuality since she was in puberty. She had some very bad experiences with boys while in college and is pretty sure she prefers girls. Especially older girls, like her next-door neighbor Ms. Williams a math teacher.

Anya has a habit of running around the house in the nude when she is home alone. Even going outside and sitting in the sun once in a while. One particular morning Anya is surprised to see Ms. Williams sitting on her chaise lounge topless wearing a very revealing thong. Unknown to Anya the math teacher proceeds to give her quite a show and serves to intensify her lust for her thirty-year-old neighbor.

The teen is left so aroused by what she observed she was unable to sleep just thinking about what she saw her neighbor do and hoped perhaps she would find a way to spend a little me time with Ms. Williams. The next day Anya is again in the yard waiting for the teacher to begin her performance. She is not disappointed, and the older woman begins her erotic display for the girl. Anya is so caught up with lust that she doesn’t notice the teacher had moved and is standing right in front of her. Determined to teach the girl a lesson.

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