Eight Sensual Narratives of Erotic Entanglements

A collection of eight erotic lesbian stories filled with women that balance their needs of a modern woman with the primal desires that drive all women to do what is necessary to get what they want.


  1. Licking Through Lunch
    Abby is at her wit’s end trying to cope with the pressures of her job. Her lover Jennifer offers her a few unexpected suggestions
  2. Lust and Exasperation
    The story of Mari, a struggling writer on the brink of a huge break in her career, wishes her love life would improve the same way.
  3. Sensuous Suspicions
    Holly from Texas and Sue from Halifax meet online. They learn that each is hooked on a spanking fetish. Intrigued, Holly is soon on an airplane to Nova Scotia
  4. Achieving Climax
    A Romantic Erotica writer is having real problems coming up with story ideas, especially since her current relationship is anything but romantic or erotic.
  5. Titillating Stimulation
    Clara is a 43-year-old widowed mother of two. Now an empty nester she decides to take a bike tour of Blackpool England a lifelong dream
  6. Impure Thoughts
    Two college girls, Tami and Zoe, raised in abusive homes, gravitate toward each other for support and companionship. In the process, they each share their secrets
  7. Ravishing the Vanquished
    An unexpected development happens to Vicki who has been lusting after her girlfriend Jane for some time; even though Jane is involved with another woman
  8. A Lesbian Lesson in Lust
    Shy and quite naïve Kirsten moves into an apartment with Samantha, Samantha works very hard to enlighten her friend about life and sexual matters.

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