Angie a very naïve coed is hopelessly infatuated with her biology professor. To deal with her desires she placates her erotic fantasies about the older woman through self-love and random and less satisfying lesbian hookups.


When Angie first begins college, she has a schoolgirl crush on one of her professors. The fact that the professor is tenured, with a family makes the crush unrealistic, made even more so by the fact that the professor is an extremely attractive twenty-eight-year-old woman. Undeterred her obsession remains firm, and she is haunted with extremely erotic dreams about her object of desire, but that only escalates.

Her abnormal obsession with her professor, causes her to experience severe nausea and other ailments. Finally, her roommate Nancy, lets Angie live her fantasy by proxy and beds the horny coed. The experience provides some respite and soon, Angie is obsessing over her lesbianism and develops a fetish for female bodily fluids and aromas. By the time Angie graduates the professor is all but a memory and Angie’s new obsessions and fetishes are flourishing.

Several years after graduating, and with numerous female lovers, Angie is shocked out of her wits when her old professor saunters into Angie’s favorite bar. The two of them quickly get reacquainted and soon the professor had asked Angie to her place for a glass of wine and maybe to catch up for the lost time. And it seems the perfect ending to Angie’s denied desires. However, she soon discovers that wanting someone and having them can be alarmingly different.

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