While her husband is working in the UK for a month, Liane and her best friend Sarah decided to take a vacation to Eastern Canada from their home in Windsor. They planned a stop off in Toronto to visit an old school friend Irina. When their visit ended both Liane and Sarah were completely different women.


Liane’s husband Nick is working in England for a few months, and she decides it’s the perfect time to take a road trip to Eastern Canada with her best friend Sarah. At the last minute, they arranged to stop at one of Liane’s school friends in Toronto along the way.

When the two travelers arrive in Toronto, they discover that Liane’s friend Irina is entertaining a beautiful guest Nancy, and her husband is away for several days. With Just the four of them together, Irina’s beautiful friend displays a sexy side that quickly escalates to a blatantly erotic exhibition. The exhibition is aimed at Liane and Nancy begins to seduce Liane while she is on a phone call with her husband Nick.

With the cat out of the bag, Sarah and Liane discover that Nancy become the lesbian lover of her friend Irina. It became quite apparent to Liane this entire thing has been orchestrated to seduce Liane and Sarah and turn them onto the allure of girl-on-girl sex, and sway them to accept lesbianism.

Both Sarah and Liane succumb to the seductive trap laid by Nancy and Irina and by the time they leave their obsession with lesbian sex monopolizes their every waking hour. They seduce the preacher’s wife and the ex-wife of Liane’s husband. The big test for the two is to determine how best to deal with Nick when he returns, will he embrace the idea of a lesbian wife?

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