Erin feels she has her life on the right track with a great job, returning to college for her degree, and her gorgeous hunk of a boyfriend about to ask her to move in with him, then the rug get pulled out from under her.


Erin wasted a lot of her life partying after she graduated from high school. But she eventually decided she needed to get on the right track and make something of herself and grow up. And she did, she got a good job at a department store, enrolled in college and found a handsome stud as a steady partner. Then everything went sideways one shock after another.

The first shock was finding Mr. Perfect acting as a pivot man in a menage a trois with two girls from where she worked. The second was meeting Angela, an attractive teacher in her late thirties that took an interest in her over coffee in Erin’s favorite coffee shop.

The ultimate shock was having Angela taking more than just a platonic interest in her. Crushed by her boyfriend’s infidelity, and the depression that brought on, she welcomed the friendship of the older, attractive school teacher. Their friendship grew, and Angela took Erin to places she would never have considered before meeting her. Then the stark reality came crashing down on the young girl, she was pretty sure Angela was a lesbian and she had her sights set on Erin.  

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