Barb’s business partner Helen takes her own life after both lose their restaurant and every penny they had. Enter the mysterious Arie who shows Barb a foolproof method of avenging Helen’s death, and have a bit of fun doing it.


The FBI Cyber Unit investigate a new artificial intelligence APP that appears to cause people to seek out total strangers and have anonymous sex with them. Sex that is so iniquitous it defies explanation and leaves the participants in fear for their lives. Somehow the food critics and AIDS patients get involved in the mess.

Agent Justin Thyme appears before a Senate Hearing on Cybercrimes and reveals what the FBl investigators have uncovered. It seems to revolve around a failed restaurant belonging to two friends, Helen, and Barb. In some way a third party gets involved, Arie and people start doing things that are so out of character for them without knowing why they are doing them.

 Agent Thyme discovered the use of an AI app developed by Arie may be the underlying cause of the strange behavior happening in New York City to some of the most well-to-do residents, and social media influencers.  

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