Right after graduation, Lena found a job that aligned with her major; her career seemed to be the right fit, but her social life had stagnated and she was unable to find the type of lesbian activities she enjoyed in college.


Lena discovered while in college that she was a lesbian. Not just a lesbian, but one that enjoyed the rougher stuff. She was not into bondage, but she did like to be dominated. Her search for such a lifestyle outside her work was non-existent.

Then a director on loan to her branch office Jenna arrived and quickly observed Lena’s behaviors that telegraphed her special kind of needs. Playing hard to get the new director unexpectedly offers Lena a ride home after work. The director comes in for coffee and without much of a preamble soon has Lena over her knees, for a spanking.

Jenna was just the tip of the iceberg since she had other friends that were more than willing to provide Lena with all the rough treatment she desired. The relationship, unfortunately, proved the old maxim: ‘Too much of a good thing is bad.’ Lena’s encounters with the various tough girls take their toll and she looks for a way to tone down the frantic passions that she had once been addicted.

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