A mysterious female assassin is approached by a high-ranking official in the U.S. State Department to Assassinate the sitting U.S. President. Her fee will be $25 million dollars.


Susan Hughes, the name used by the assassin agrees to meet with Eva Lang a state department official to discuss the particulars of the job. As Susan listens to the proposed plan, she sensed Eva is spending a lot of time looking at her, with a completely different intent than the job at hand. Susan gives Eva an opening and the lesbian bureaucrat leads Susan to quaint Colonial Inn to seal the deal

Susan armed with all the pertinent details of who, what, where, and when begins to formulate the  final part, the ‘how’. Leveraging Eva’s contacts Susan calls on her for all the various equipment, electronic or otherwise. Susan needs a police uniform for the plan to work and Eva secures on for her and sends it off. Susan retrieves the package from a FedEx store. As she is leaving with the package, a very cute Asian policewoman catches her eye. Perhaps the local cop can give her some pointers about the uniform, Susan opines.

The Asian cop, Kristie Chen finds the two of them a room and plans to seduce the apparently naïve Caucasian woman and then dominate her. No concern for whether the woman is straight or gay. Once in the hotel room, the Asian cop realizes that this isn’t Susan’s first rodeo and maybe she has bitten off more than she can chew.  

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