10 Things To Know About America Chavez, the MCU’s 1st Lesbian Superhero

By Mey Rude

America Chavez is about to break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s number one lesbian superhero, America has long been a fan favorite in the comics, and it’s about time we get to know her on the big screen. Soon we’ll get that chance as she appears in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, coming out May 6.

From casting and previews, we know that her character will be quite different from her beloved comics version, but as of now, we don’t know exactly how. So before you watch the movie, here’s what you should know about the flirty and powerful Latina lesbian.

1. Her First Appearance

Chavez was first created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta in the Vengeance #1 comic, but she looked and acted pretty differently. When she first appeared, she was a part of the Teen Brigade with Ultimate Nullifier. That team fought against the supervillain team the Young Masters of Evil.

2. Her (First) Origin Story

America’s origin story has actually changed in the comics. The first origin we were given for the character was that she was born on the alternate reality planet of Utopian Parallel, an all-female world. But when the Utopian Parallel was about to be destroyed, her mothers sacrificed themselves and as a result, Chavez ran away, traveling through different multiverses. She came to Earth, specifically a Puerto Rican neighborhood of New York City, where she was accepted as a part of the community.

3. And Her Revamped Origin

More recently though, America’s origin has been revamped. It was revealed she had a previously unknown sister, Catalina, who helped America remember that her parents were not aliens, but human doctors named Amalia and Elena Chavez. They took their daughters to a private island called the Utopian Parallel to attempt to cure the disease Edges Syndrome. However, they soon found out the island’s owner had evil plans for their daughters and sacrificed themselves trying to free them. Only America got out. Her sister suggested that America made up the alien story as a coping method.

4. Her Powers

America Chavez possesses the power of flight, super speed, super strength, and durability, making her able to go toe-to-toe with some of Marvel’s strongest heroes. She can also kick open star-shaped holes in reality that allow her and her friends to travel throughout the multiverse. This power seems to be especially useful in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

5. Her Personality

America is known for her headstrong confidence and bold flirting. She’s never been afraid to flirt with other female superheroes, and quite often it works. She also likes to do things her own way, and when others tell her, “America, no” she responds by saying, “America, yes!” With her dimension-hopping powers, she’s become quite independent, but she also learned to love her chosen family with the Young Avengers.


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