Morgan is an arrogant, sadistic dom, who delights and grooming her slaves just a certain way. It the true method she believes for extracting the most pleasure from a slave.


Morgan is a beautiful woman, generously endowed in both breast and bottom. She is a fanatic about her figure and spends inordinate amounts of time working out to maintain her ‘porn star figure’. Her favorite pass time is trolling various venues, putting herself on display with the intention of luring just to right girl into her web.

Morgan is partial to eighteen-year-olds and occasionally nineteen-year-olds, ones that are shy, yet possessing a stunning figure exhibiting her dedication to maintaining her own body. A teen that can be molded into the perfect sub, that will adore Morgan’s body, and provide her with delicious pleasure no matter how demeaning to her victim.

Once such occasion, Morgan spots a wholesome, looking Justine. The freckle-face teen is just what Morgan is looking for. In no time Justine has been lured to Morgan’s apartment and receiving erotic lessons on how to please Morgan, her new mistress. Morgan has the innocent young girl in her clutches has her worship body. As their time together progresses, a stranger metamorphosis comes over Morgan, and her shocking change will leave Justine satisfied, and Morgan baffled.  

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