8 Sapphic Tales of Unconventional Lust

A collection of failed romance, fetish addiction, unexpected connections, dangerous liaisons, lesbian infidelity, and rich fantasy worlds of lascivious debauchery.


Trapped in Vistas of Lust

Samantha and Carrie have plans to renew a romance after twenty-five years but after a vigorous start, their rendezvous mysteriously cut short leaving Samantha angry and frustrated.

Catch & Release – A Jobber’s Lament

Rochelle wants to video a wrestling match between herself and another woman, so she hires Vicky a famous wrestling jobber. It took a lot of convincing to get Vicky to agree, but the effort was worth it to Rachelle. And so it was to Vicky.

Fantasy Fulfilled

Mallory Taylor arrives home after work to find a beautiful girl lying nude in the middle of her bed.

Charming Converses

Former MMA fighter Rhonda meets a beautiful but inebriated blonde after one of her fights, and that sparks an attraction of the opposites.

Princess Dreams

Jenn idolizes Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has moved on. In spite of that Jenn still dreams and fantasizes obsessively about one day reuniting with h Dream Princess

The Intern Interlude

Pam and Emma meet at a mountain lake resort, Pam is an intern at a local hospital and she falls for Emma the owner of the hottest bar in the resort area.

Life Passing Before Your Eyes

Audrey Simms learns firsthand the true meaning of the old adage about ‘Your life passing before your eyes.’ when you are about to face death.

The Snake Tattoo

Xavier, a married dentist comes home from work early and finds his wife in the arms of her lover. A woman!

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