Sunny runs a small shop in a small town that is quite popular with teenagers. Three very cute 18-year-old teenage blondes grab her attention and she gets hooked. Her biggest challenge is to keep each of them from knowing about the others.


In the early part of the twenty-first century, the demand for DVDs and CDs had already peaked but Sunny had some money from a generous separation package from an automotive company decided to start a small shop in a small town in Ohio to capitalize on an underserved segment in the home entertainment industry.

Her little shop acted as a magnet for most teens, in the small town. They were looking for the latest movies or recorded music. Three that caught Sunny’s eye were three quite cute blondes, Eve, Nicole, and Allie. She met them in her shop when they came to brows or shop and eventually lured them to her upstairs apartment for some one-on-one customer service.

Each girl had something about them besides their nubile bodies and blonde hair. Allie was into the rough stuff, Eve liked it kinky, and last, to the party Nicole, was able to melt Sunny’s heart. It wasn’t long before Sunny decides to get the girls together at his place and have a debauched, and depraved time by indulging in the untapped libido of the three. But when all four are together, things go sideways and leave Sunny speechless.

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