Haleigh is a cute 18-year-old college coed. She is like most girls her age save for one thing. She is, first of all, a lesbian, secondly, she seems to be sexually aroused night and day, and lastly, she is very much a  virgin, something she hopes to rectify before she is another year older.


A typical college coed, Haleigh is just like other girls her age, she belongs to a sorority, gets good grades in her studies, and thinks about sex. That is where the similarities stop. Haleigh thinks about sex constantly night and day. So much that it has become a debilitating condition at times. What complicates the situation is that Haleigh likes girls, really likes them. And Haleigh is a virgin.

One particular day, Haleigh is in bed suffering from the agitation of her hyper-arousal. She is unable to tell anyone the truth about her condition so, Ms. Shannon Stewart her house mother is looking after the girl while she convalesces from her mysterious ailment. Even going to far as to have another girl named Taylor to look after Haleigh when Shannon has to run errands.

Taylor a nursing student from a neighboring college, has been tasked with sitting with Haleigh while Shannon is away. Taylor as fortune would have it, is a long-time friend of the ailing girl. Once Taylor arrives it takes her little time to determine what Haleigh’s affliction really is. Taylor armed with that knowledge strikes while the proverbial iron is hot, and sensuously relieves all of Haleigh’s sexual tensions.

But the relief was fleeting, as it served only to stem the tidewaters temporarily and soon Haleigh has been afflicted yet again only more so with only one solution available. Will the raging stream of lust ever be under control? Haleigh thinks the answer may lie in the hands of the very sexy Amazon that views sex as physical training. But getting in bed with her could be worse than going ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

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