The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Madison and Shelby were traveling that road of good intentions with their charity event, what they didn’t know was it was that well-paved road was heading straight to hell.


The nurses on staff at the University Medical center made plans to raise money for the needy during the holidays. The young team of nurses came up with a novel idea to reach their goal. They decided to hold a sporting event and sell tickets at the door.

Madison and Shelby are both nurses at the Med Center and they were selected to compete in the event. Besides working together, the two girls are also long-time friends. Little did they know that agreeing to compete against each other would test the very foundation of their friendship.

Even up to the time the two stepped into the oil pit in their very sexy bikinis they thought only of their good intentions to help the less fortunate. Little knowing the hell that was about to come raining down.

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