The Cat & The Platinum Blonde

Andrea planned to take a few days off to go camping, to clear her head and maybe hook up with other like-minded outdoor-type women.


Andrea, caught in a very loveless marriage decides to head for the outdoors and to clear her head alone. A camping aficionado since a young girl it was the one place she could really relax and forget all her worries.

The place she was headed is a special reserve that caters to the female camper. Rugged outdoor women who enjoyed the company of other women of similar tastes. There was always a chance to meet up with another woman who also was looking for a few laughs and maybe a little lesbian activity.

On this particular, the campgrounds are filled with women actively looking for girls or women to hook up with. In fact, Andrea made a rather interesting discovery not long after getting her campsite together. A nude woman, clad in only a tiger print G-string, made it obvious to Andrea what she was looking for, right from the get-go.

Their hookup was wild, lusty and in the end, exhausting. Walking back to her camp Andrea had the feeling this was just the place she needed to get her mind off her troubles.

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