Rachelle wants to video a wrestling match between herself and another woman so she hires a Vicky a famous jobber. It took a lot of convincing to get Vicky to agree, but the effort was worth it to Rachelle and so was Vicky.


Vicky at one time wrestled in erotic matches with other women. Some of the matches were filmed and that is where Vicky earned her notoriety. She was a consummate Jobber. She could take any domination, humiliation, or degradation her opponent could dish out. That is why Rachelle gave her a call.

Rachelle was planning a special birthday gift for her husband’s fiftieth birthday. Since he was a female wrestling enthusiast Rachelle had the perfect gift for him. Rachelle hired Vicky to wrestle her, knowing Vicky was game for any kind of debauchery on the mat. Vicky was reluctant at first but eventually came around with the promise of a $5,000 payout.

Rachelle reeled Vicky is pretty good by underselling her abilities and claiming limited experience. Vicky falls for her story and arrives at the designated venue expecting a pretty tame workout. All the while Rachelle, being the consummate heel was getting quite aroused at the prospect of getting her hands all over Vicky. In the end, there was no doubt Vicky earned her money, and Rachelle got her money’s worth.  

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