Samantha and Carrie have plans to renew a romance after twenty-five years but after a vigorous start their rendezvous mysteriously cut short leaving Samantha angry and frustrated.


Samantha and Carrie became lovers during their time in college. Twenty five years have passed, the two had kept in contact via phone, email, and letters but both have moved on, marriage, children and all the boring times that accompany them. The two decide to rectify that and spend a weekend in a hotel and try to renew the fire that once was their romance.

The first day they are together, it’s like they were never apart, same people, though a bit older with the same passions. Their torrid sex the first night held real promise for a spectacular three days together and maybe more in the future.

The morning began full of hope for Samantha, still aroused from the previous night. However an early morning phone call from home, and Carrie is forced to curtail their beautiful weekend. The shock leaves Samantha angry and frustrated. Alone in a hotel room, in a city far from home and hornier than a sailor on shore leave. The thought of returning home crossed her mind but was immediately dismissed.

Samantha was determined she was going to capture all the lewd and lascivious sex she had planned and attacked the issue like a seasoned sex strategist. Her planning paid off in spades, at times maybe over paid but Sam was certain she would return home with her raging libido under control.

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