A Lesbian Love Story

Pamela buys a rare ‘80s vinyl album from a sexy teen at a yard sale. Never expecting to see the buxom redhead again.


Saturday mornings for Pamela mean navigating her way through yard sales, looking for rare or interesting items. On one particular Saturday she finds and record album she likes and buys it from one of the teens working the sale.

That particular teen is a very voluptuous teen is redhaired and makes an impression on the forty something Pamela. Thinking herself a bit of a perv for even thinking such thoughts. She makes her purchase and parts ways with the red head

Once home Pamela can’t seem to shake the vision of the young girl from her mind and begins to fixate on her, a bit too much for Pamela. Collecting her thoughts she opens the record sleeve and a not drops out. Probably a thirty year old love letter from the original owner of the album.

As it turns out, the note, Pamela soon learns is actually from the teen she bought the album from. Even more shocking it’s a note meant for Pamela, requesting her to meet the young girl for lunch. At first blush, the mature mother of two, take the note with a grain of salt.

But by the time she retires to bed, the thought of meeting the young girl is all she can think of.. 

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