Jacqueline Toboni Just Got Engaged!

The L Word: Generation Q Star popped the question to her girlfriend, Australian actress Kassandra Clementi.


AUGUST 19 2021 12:41 PM EDT

Love keeps winning!

Jacqueline Toboni, currently known for starring as the lovable disaster lesbian Finley on Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q, is engaged! The 29-year-old actress popped the question to her beautiful longtime girlfriend, Australian actress Kassandra Clementi, in front of the ocean — and Clementi said yes!

Toboni posted about the great news on her Instagram, showing a picture of Clementi smiling in front of the ocean looking very unsuspecting. “This first pic is right before I proposed,” she wrote. So cute!


The next pic shows a beaming Clementi holding up her hand with a brand new engagement ring on it. The couple also shared a pic of them kissing by the ocean, and another of Clementi showing off her new bling. The couple really couldn’t look happier!

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a goofy, smart, funny, kind soul in you,” Toboni wrote. “Thank you for making me laugh everyday. I can’t wait to do this forever. Love you x.”

But if you know Toboni, you know that just like her L Word character Finley, she’s adorably charming, and so of course there’s more cuteness coming. The last pic in the post shows Toboni’s neck covered in hives because she was so nervous! How could you say ‘no’ to that?

Clementi also posted the good news on her own Instagram, saying, “I hit the Jacq-pot. You are quite simply the greatest person I have ever known. From the mundane to the insane, life is so fun with you. I love you infinitely and cannot wait to marry the absolute sh*t out of you.” I’m gonna cry!!!!

Toboni first became a lesbian icon when she played the hard-edged character Trubel on NBC’s Grimm. Now, she can be seen starring as Finley, an immature but incredibly charming and lovable executive assistant who’s trying her best to get her shit together.

Clementi was born in Adelaide, Australia and is best known for starring as Maddy Osborne in the Australian soap opera Home and Away. She’s also appeared in American shows like Single Ladies and UnReal. Last year she appeared in the Lifetime movie The Christmas High Note.

While Finley should definitely stay away from weddings for a while, we couldn’t be happier for Toboni and Clementi! Congratulations!

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