An Eclectic Selection of 8 Erotic Lesbian Narratives!

Stories about High Rollers, Alien Abductors, Crime Mysteries, Space Travelers and Infidelity; and all involving a lusty group of over-stimulated Sisters of Sappho!


This book contains the following stories:

The Wrong Conclusion
Two lesbian lovers, Robyn who is addicted to gambling and Kellie who is a diabetic have a quarrel when Kellie finds some old betting slips and thinks the worst. Robyn is more than happy to let her lover draw the wrong conclusion.

Speeding into a New Sunrise
Jenny a sheltered girl from Cincinnati, meets a wild gothic chick, Violet at work, and it’s not long before Jenny and Violet are burning the candle at both ends.

Then Came the Dawn
During a Galactic war; a race of mutants the Retaliators, emerge to prevent a power mad race of people threatening to conquer Earth.

A young woman suffers a nightmarish coma after an encounter with an alien in her bathroom.

Hiding Her Guilt
Lesbian partners Kaylie and Phoebe get word that a close friend of theirs has just died of an overdose. Oddly, each woman reacts differently to the news.

Bus Line Murders
Detective Sarah Jaffee is called to the scene of a home invasion where the sexy victim got the better of her attacker with a ball bat. Little does Sarah realize that simple B&E would lead to five other unsolved murders.

Onetime Lover
Sally Porter has steamy fling with a onetime lover, while her partner is away on a research project.

Not in Kansas
Part-time store clerk and full time college student, Dottie Garland gets invited to the grand opening of a new exclusive lesbian dance club by the beautiful owner herself.

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