Edging, Peaking, & Surfing – Lesbian Fantasies

Jocelyn and Isaac have been married for several years, and the fire has gone from their relationship. Along comes Nichol, a lesbian friend of Isaac’s and she shows Jocelyn how to rekindle the flame. For another woman that is.


A married couple are going through a rocky time in their marriage. The spark is gone, and their interest in sex seems to be nonexistent. That is until the wife, Jocelyn, meets one of her husbands co-workers who just happens to be lesbian and the first flickers of the flame begin grow.

Unknown to her husband, Isaac, Jocelyn and Nichol begin a torrid affair, as Jocelyn takes to lesbian sex like a fish to water. So overwhelmed by the sexuality of her lesbian affair, Jocelyn decides to find another partner to fool around with.

Jocelyn hooks up with several willing lesbians and learns something new from each, There is no limit to what Jocelyn wants to experience and each of her new partners is willing to provide all the kink she could ever ask for. At the same time she keeps these extramarital dalliances  a secret from her husband and her lesbian lovers. It becomes a question of how long can she hide the truth?

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