A Story Selection of Eight Crazy Ladies That Love Other Ladies



1 Bumping Conquest

Former MMA fighter Rhonda meets a beautiful but inebriated blonde after one of her fights, and that sparks an attraction of the opposites

2 Royal Lust

Jenn idolizes Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has moved on. In spite of that Jenn still dreams and fantasizes obsessively about one day reuniting with his Dream Princess

3 Mile High Thighs

Pam and Emma meet at a mountain lake resort, Pam is an intern at a local hospital and she falls for Emma the owner of the hottest bar in the resort area.

4 Unbearable Desire

Audrey Simms learns firsthand the true meaning of the old adage about ‘Your life passing before your eyes.’ when you are about to face death.

5 Grotesque Desire

Xavier, a married dentist comes home from work early and finds his wife in the arms of her lover. A woman!

6 Sam Gets It in the End

A married woman in an illicit affair with another younger woman and a police detective who had made it her own personal mission to get rid of each and every morally corrupt person in her city, find themselves on a collision course that’s sure to end in a gruesome murder.

7 Solitary Sensuality

A closeted 18 year old, Erin Slater, had lusted after her oblivious friend Jessica for years. It takes a personal tragedy for Erin to catch her friends attention.

8 Curiously Stimulating

Virginal eighteen year old Cinnamon Simmons, embarks on a journey that begins along the paths of a Renaissance Faire. There she meets a beautiful giant woman in a gold robe, offering her an exquisite ornate box. Her asking price, Cinnamon would learn later was much higher than she would ever imagine

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