Erin is a 38 year old department store clerk who likes to wrestle in her spare time; when she meets Sam, her desire to wrestle takes on a completely different meaning.


Erin has dabbled in wrestling for a number of years. Taking both men and women, usually in the nude. Her fondness for the sport is more competitive than erotic, until she watches a video of a ‘first to cum loses’ match.

She searches a few web sites that cater to wrestling, both for men and women and finds a woman, user name catfiteluvr69. The two of them discuss their possible matchup and agree to meet at Erin’s house on a Saturday few days later. Erin waits enthusiastically for the day of the match,  when Friday evening at her work, an androgynous teen walks up to her counter and begins hitting on her.

The teen, Erin soon learns is actually not a boy as she first thought but rather a teenaged girl  named Samantha, dressed in stereotypical Butch Dyke clothes. Erin tries to humor the young girl and plays along until the little dyke. Just when Erin  has had enough of the girls big talk and tries to blow her off, Sam tells her that she is catfiteluvr69 and she’d see her Saturday.

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