Four friends, a lot of booze, and heated argument out of control are the components of situation where in the end only one woman gets her revenge.


Shirley, Regina, Roxie, and Sandie are four friend that spend a girl’s night out drinking and arguing. The booze gets the best of Shirley and Roxie and the argument boils over into a full blown donnybrook.

The fight even carries over to Shirley and Regina’s trailer and after what seems like hours both woman are battered and belligerent and still nothing is resolved. Neither woman wanting to concede the battle it finally is decided that a more intimate form of fighting will determine the winner.

The climactic ending arrives and a winner finally emerges and the loser is left vowing revenge and before either can summon the where with all to try another go, all four women crash into bed and sleep off the effects of the wild happenings of the evening.

When the four finally awaken from their short night, feeling the effects of the booze and the blows, it is discovered that one of the women is missing. The search for the woman’s disappearance leads bizarre trail and the end is a shocking surprise for one of the women and a last laugh for the other two.

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