At Last! The long awaited conclusion to Tale of the Mistress and the Step-Mother: SEPARATE WAYS!

The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother: Separate Ways is the conclusion of a three story series for fans of older women dominating younger women. A stories are  filled with the erotica pleasure and penetrating emotions. At times it is difficult to determine the Dom or the Sub.



Many years have past and Olivia, Anna and Lena have basked in the glory of a symbiotic sexual relationship. A bond formed of mistress and slave, domination, and sexual release. But like everything it is about to come to an end. Lena, Anna’s step-mother died unexpectedly leaving a huge void in the three woman dynamic.

Anna learns that Olivia is planning to extricate herself from the relationship that has lost its meaning with the absence of the must respected Lena. This comes at time when Anna is most vulnerable and looks to Olivia to help her through her grieving at the loss of Lena. Olivia makes it clear she is not built that way and plans to move on. Move on with another girl named Stacy.

Anna hates Stacy, even though they have never met. Olivia wants to keep it that way, but Anna will not go quietly without having Olivia hear her out. Olivia is deeply involved with the much younger Stacy, who is just the person Olivia needs to take her mind off of the tension between herself and Anna and the gut wrenching loss of her lover Lena.

Olivia’s life has always been one of evolution, always moving toward her ideal fo D/s relationships. She knows that this point is her life is inevitable, something the much younger Anna is unable or unwilling to accept.

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