Marriage Counseling- A Husband’s Dream

Kenzie is married to an over achiever Ethan who has become a workaholic and begins leaving Kenzie romantically frustrated, forcing her to search elsewhere for attention.


Ethan Peters comes home one day from a long day at work and announces to his wife Kenzie that he is quitting his very highly compensated position and going to strike out on his own and work from home. Thus allowing him to spend more time with his wife.

Several weeks into the new working arrangement, Ethan is still working from sunrise to sunset locked up in his home office and once more completely ignoring his wife’s need for attention. This latest development forces Kenzie to seek elsewhere for attention and decides to spend time with her beautiful girlfriend Tara, whom she had known since they were youngsters.

Tara provides the needed solace that Kenzie needs by supplying large doses of lesbian romance. At first Kenzie has guilt pangs but, when she comes home from an evening with Tara she finds Ethan at his computer watching two sexy honey’s in hardcore lesbian pay-per-view action all the while relieving himself of all his pent up passion while watching them.

Kenzie goes ballistic, and climbs all over Ethan about his perverted pass time. She demands he go back to his old job and get off his computer. Ethan meekly agrees and Kenzie storms away. But once she has cooled down a better idea comes to her to prevent further indiscretions on Ethan’s part but she is going to need some help and she is sure she knows where she can find it.

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