Victoria and Taylor are two young lovers, Victoria loves Taylor, and Taylor’s father’s money. Taylor loves Victoria unconditionally. When Victoria asks Taylor to marry her, the heartache begins for one of them.


Victoria, raised in a working class family,  is a few years older than her lover, Taylor.  Taylor was raised by wealthy parents and never wanted for anything. In spite of their rearing, they are the epitome of young love at its finest.  At least on the surface. When the two agree to marry, each young woman did so for their own reasons.  Taylor married for pure and unconditional love, and Victoria also married for love, but for the love of the wealth Taylor’s family possessed.

The two enter the marriage, looking for a great future. But that meant something different to each of them. Within the year of the marriage, Victoria embraces the wealth and privilege that marrying Taylor provided her. But she hardly gives Taylor any attention and the two suffer through ‘bed death’.

Taylor blames herself for not living up to Victoria’s expectations, and does what she can to avoid conflict. Year’s go by and both women are no longer young and innocent. Taylor eventually discovers that Victoria’s frigidity and avoidance of sex, is merely an act and suspects that perhaps Victoria has a lover. When Taylor confronts Victoria, Victoria laughs in her face and tells her there is nothing she can do about it and continues her illicit affairs much to Taylor’s humiliation.

Finally, Taylor comes to her senses and realizes that she has been used for these many years and treated her like a fool. Taylors knows that the time to avoid conflict is over, so she builds her confidence up and prepares to seek out Victoria and tell her that she will no longer stand for the abuse Victoria has made her suffer.

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