The tale of three unique women living together after years of searching for happiness.


Nancy, a widow with kids starts a lesbian relationship with Cathy a woman living with her parents just across the street from Nancy. The two seem to compliment one another, yet don’t hold either on a tight leash.

Both women became involved in the lesbian lifestyle for different reasons. Nancy was looking for something different after being widowed. Cathy was on the rebound from a sad breakup with a longtime lover.

Mary, the third woman, got initiated into the rough lesbian scene with a kinky domme named Rachel, who also had had an affair with Nancy. After Mary and Rachel began seeing each other regularly, Rachel suggested that Mary would really like Nancy one of her old flames.

Rachel made sure to let Mary know that Nancy was involved with another woman, Cathy, and the best way to meet Nancy would be through Cathy. Mary thinks it over and approaches Cathy, while they are both in a restaurant rest room.

Just as Rachel had assumed, Cathy was easily convinced into getting together with Mary, and she had little problem convincing her own lover, Nancy into entertaining Mary in their hotel room, for a steaming night of erotic pleasure.  

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