I have done this many times in the past. Sherry Stone is a great writer of erotic fiction, especially in the areas of Science Fiction, Fantasy. This post is about a recent release of hers:

Erotic Tales of Science Fiction & Fantasy

Erotic tales of science fiction, fantasy, mystical powers, alien killers and post-apocalyptic worlds.


This collection contains these six tales of science fiction fantasy and erotica:

Comparative Dimensions: Liz King forgets to erase her search history on her work laptop. It is filled with queries for lesbian porn. Her boss has found it. She knows she is doomed

Factors: Tale of a Post-Apocalyptic world where hominid life forms have destroyed themselves and nearly the planet in global wars, emerges, Factors, who may be the salvation to the burned out world.

Bounty Killers of Kerberos: Two twin teenagers, Erin and Lisa, stumble across a team of Bounty Killers while exploring the planetoid Kerberos.

The Forerunner Diaries: Paige Wilson is a nerdy college coed, whose life changes when her mother gifts her with a new overcoat and an ornate diary or journal.

Vampires of the Two Moons: College students, Sherry and Rachelle have been lovers for over a year and are planning to celebrate the anniversary event with a romantic evening of love making.

Kingdom of Unending Desire: Chris and Regan have both lost a loved one in a tragic car accident which brings them close, and then sends them on a deadly and surreal journey.

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