A hardworking father is at his wits end trying to keep a handle on his spendthrift wife Prudence and his voluptuous wild child daughter Monica, that he hires a governess, Kira to assume control of his family.


Robert is a married man that travels extensively for his career forcing to be away from home quite often and for long amounts of time. That is fertile ground for a spendthrift wife, Prudence and a hot eighteen year old daughter Monica, with the morals of an alley cat.

He gets a lead on a solution to his problem; a friend suggests a governess he knows that is available. It didn’t take Robert long after his interview with Kira, the imposing black haired governess, that she was the answer to his prayers.

Both Monica and her mother are outraged that Robert would stoop to such tactics immediately push back on the governess once Robert has left once more for a protracted business trip. They figure the two of them will be more than a match for the governess

The women of the household quickly become brutally aware that Kira is a no nonsense person and is more than up to any challenge either one of the spoiled and entitled woman can present her with, by using some of her time tested ‘draconian techniques’. They will knuckle under or suffer the consequences

Like the crack of a whip, Kira soon has them both licked into shape and singing differently about what they will or won’t do. Kira lets them know in no uncertain terms she will be the final word in the house, or forget ever sitting down ever again.

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