The story of three girls from Florida and their coming of age; their experimentation with lesbianism and the older women that influenced them.


Kelsey for all intents and purposes was an orphan, raised by a girl friend of her absentee father. Her mother died not long after giving birth to Kelsey. The woman that raised her, Mikki, was bisexual and lived with her lesbian lover Margot. Whether it was nurture or nature, Kelsey ultimately leaned a bit to the sapphic side of sex.

Kelsey befriends an older woman, Lena, who officially bring her lesbian inclinations to the forefront. As is natural, Kelsey can’t wait to share her new knowledge with her best friend Brooke.

Brooke started out in a traditional family. A working father, a stay at home mother. However her father’s infidelity breaks the family apart and her comfortable home is lost and she has to cope with being a latchkey kid when mom moves them to an apartment and gets a job outside the home.

Left alone, Brooke gravitates toward an older woman, Alexa, a doll collector, and a lesbian. Alexa slowly brings Brooke over to the lesbian lifestyle while her mother worked long hours.

It was little wonder Brooke was receptive to Kelsey’s overtures for girl-girl sex. Brooke soon sees a bigger picture and dreams of bringing Angie, a sexy Latina that hangs with them at the beach, into their secret sorority of Sappho.

The three girls find a willing ally, in Alexa, by providing a place to meet, make love and even occasionally join in their parties. They put a purchase to the phrase ‘two’s company and three’s a crowd’ or even four!

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