The common denominator for each of these Rough Girls is they all own a powerful libido. They prey on vulnerable women and use them like puppets.


The women in these six stories have one prime directive. To give and receive pleasure and pain. While at the same time they do their best to keep their victims under their spiked heels. In the end there is never a doubt of who will hold the whip and who will wear the handcuffs.

Bound to Lose

Jessica has found herself to be very unlucky in love. Bi-Sexual though she is, she just can’t win with either sex.

Duchess of Domination

Stacey decides to skinny dip in the deserted hotel pool early one the morning. That idea gets squashed when Ciara arrives to crash her party.

Love Hurts

Linda is a successful business owner. She also is a mother of her eighteen year old daughter Jenn and she is a lesbian.

Used and Abused

Brenda “BJ” Winters is a Police woman, and an underground lesbian wrestler. Which is something she has managed to keep secret up until she is embroiled in a murder.

Domination: Dark and Dirty

At eighteen, young Ivy is initiated into the dark and dirty world of Domination by a friend of her mother.

Dommes in Sub’s Clothing

Leigh is a writer of Romantic Lesbian Erotica and is approached by a fan, through her blog, to write a BDSM story for them.


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