Jenn idolizes Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has moved on. In spite of that Jenn still dreams and fantasizes obsessively about one day reuniting with his Dream Princess.


Jenn is plagued by dreams; erotic dreams of a girl she knows she can never have. The dreams begin to affect her daily life and the relationships with her friends. The girl of her dreams is Kaitlyn or Kait and she is already in a relationship with one of Jenn’s closest friends Robyn, which makes the situation all the more untenable.

Life is strange and just as Jenn has her obsession under control, Kait begins to appear in her day to day life, nearly driving poor Jenn insane with frustration. To take her mind off the nerve wracking situation she agrees to have dinner with two of her closest friends, Robyn, and Jules.

At dinner, events work in such a way that Jenn’s thoughts of Kait have nearly been erased. Erased by the flirtatious actions of their exotic Asian waitress Maya. Things are looking up for Jenn possibly in the arms of the very willing and available Maya. Then Jenn learns of the impending breakup of Robyn and Dream Girl Kait, which has a sobering effect on Jenn.

The next shoe to drop, while at dinner, Kait calls Jenn. Almost right after Jenn learns about her break up with Robyn, Kait’s lover and Jenn’s friend. Jenn is caught in a dilemma and isn’t sure how to proceed. Is Kait trifling with her or is she sincere. If only Jenn knew.

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