When she turns eighteen, Brooke is forced to come to terms with her mother’s past secret life and her own secret sexual desires.


Brenda and Brooke are mother and daughter. They live in a remote location, deep in a forest separated from most of civilization. Brenda is a single parent; she has spent her life homeschooling Brooke and teaching her all her survivalist skills.

Brenda’s friend Sydney is one of the few outsiders that Brooke has contact with, causing her to wait anxiously for the sexy older woman’s weekly visits to their home. Just for news from the outside, and to be near the beauty. Brenda and Sydney are friends from a past life, that much Brooke knows but Brenda is hesitant to let her daughter learn much of her past life.

It is obvious to Brooke that Sydney and her mother are closer than friends since they have her leave the house for several hours while they have their weekly ‘serious discussions’. By chance however, Brooke overhears a portion of their conversation and what she learns leaves her confused and wanting more answers. So she decides that if her mother won’t tell her perhaps Sydney will.

Fearful that Brooke won’t hear the real story, Brenda breaks down an tells her story. She relates the shocking truth about her past life, and the real reason behind her father and baby brother’s deaths. Armed with this knowledge Brooke is resolved to be a part of her mother’s secret life.

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