The Specter of death hangs over eighteen year old Giselle. Because, somewhere unknown to her, a woman is seething with vengeance over her reckless actions.


A young girl, Giselle, smashed her out of control SUV into a house along a mountain road, one bleak rainy evening. The crash resulted in a demolished home, a dead lover and a woman set on vengeance. The hostile woman is Kait and her lover was Brandy. Kait who doesn’t know Giselle, has every intention of killing her no matter what.

Kait’s odyssey of revenge takes many jumbled labyrinth paths, that compel her into getting caught up in the most outrageous course, in search of her lover’s killer. From an addiction to voyeurism, pursuit of the impossibility of time traveling to trap her prey and finally the seduction of the one person she hates the most. All the while Giselle is oblivious to anything that Kait has planned for her. All in the name of love.

Timelines begin to blur, and time traveler Kait is torn with her lust for Giselle and seeking vengeance for Brandy. Giselle learns of all the danger she is in when it is almost too late. She learns a life lesson that some people are not what they seem and there is a fine line between lust and hate.

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