Photo journalist Kennedy Nixon loses her expensive camera and case. A frantic search come up empty; but miraculously it is returned the next day, but it now contains a mysterious picture she didn’t take and the picture haunts her for several days.


Kennedy is a news photographer and one day while interviewing a subject of her latest photo shoot assignment, she loses her camera and the case it was in. Frantically she scours the coffee shop where she thinks she lost it to no avail. Fortunately, she runs into her good friend Tammi, a deputy sheriff and reports the theft to her. After a cursory search they have no luck and Kennedy is resigned to the fact it’s lost permanently.

Miraculously, her friend the deputy calls to tell her the following morning that the camera and case have been turned into the Sheriff’s Office. When Kennedy has the camera back she inspects it to see if anything has been taken. To her astonishment nothing is missing, but something has been added. A picture of the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. is on the camera. Awakening her lesbian libido.

Knowing she didn’t take the picture; she analyzes the photo to see if she can determine where the it was taken. She is certain it was taken in a Camera Shop nearby which leads her to scour the city looking for the shop and that mysterious woman. Her list of likely business’ nearly depleted she stumbles into a small shop, off the beaten path, and is surprised by what she finds. It seems to be too good to be true. Was it?

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