The Contested Gold Bikini

Three female Beauty Pageant judges get caught up in a blood feud between two of the top contestants. One of which is the odds on favorite to win.

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Jill and Madison are two very gorgeous contestants in a state beauty pageant. The two share a history since they have known each other since they both began competing in the contests. As fate would have it, the two are paired together in the same room. It’s just a matter of time before the sparks fly over a gold bikini.

Meanwhile Anne Taylor and two other female judges of the contest have parlayed their official roles in the contest into a vehicle to satisfy their lust for young girls. The three middle age foxes in the hen house have an elaborate scheme to convert the candidate interviews into hour long lesbian lust fests, using the promise of a first place vote for the candidate in the contest.

Behind the scenes, however, Jill has found a way to chase her closest competitor out of the contest with her tail between her legs. But this only confuses the issue for the lecherous judges because they had both girls on their top three finalist lists. So they had to scramble to find another fulsome beauty to interview. And of course sample her wares.

With Madison gone and Jill apparently a shoo in to win the pageant, Anne, suspects that Jill is just as manipulative as any three of the judges, so she decides on an alternate plan for the hot beauty queen. A decision she is sure Jill will not appreciate.

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