Four longtime girlfriends attend college together in southwestern Ohio. It’s their senior year and the expectations for the year are high. When a new girl joins their group, and several coeds are murdered around the school, things begin to unravel


Tessa has been lifelong friends with Judith, Lisa, and Donna. They even attend college together. Their senior year expectations are high and they plan to make the year memorable.

The memory that threatens to stay with them from their senior year is the string of horrible murders being carried out near their school. Add to that the introduction of a new friend, Kelsey, into the tightknit group, and tensions begin to build

The pressure of school, new friends and the string of murders has all four of the girls on edge. The original four are suspicious of their new friend, and the suspicions get focused on the girl that brough the newcomer to them in the beginning.

It start when one girl’s past is brought into question, then the focus is on her great grandmother, then things really begin to unravel around the girls. One girl fears her sexual inclinations will be revealed, another is afraid that one of the group is out to cause her harm.

The idyllic senior year is becoming memorable, but for all the wrong reasons and at least two girls might not even live to the end of the year.

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