Kenzi is a mature, woman entering her forties, who has finally found her long lost libido, and embraces discovery with all her might.


Kenzi learns when she first enters the work force out of college, that she likes girls. It was never something she pursued, it happened and she fell for her boss at her first job. At that point in time she felt she knew herself pretty well.

As things have a way of happening, she learned that her self-awareness was not as accurate as she believed and she drifted in and out of a few relationships, and in the end always returning to immerse herself in her work, and her career as a writer. It lingered on throughout her twenties and thirties, until the onset of menopause.

As if a switch has been flipped in her mind, through an epiphany of sorts, Kenzi became aware of her sexuality and her sexual needs. Not wanting to lament upon what had gone before she vowed to rectify her lost libido and go in search of a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Soon, what Kenzi lacked in relationship experience she made up for with her enthusiasm. It took a yoga class, and her cute instructor to show her the way. Kenzi grabbed onto her raging libido like a runaway locomotive and planned never on looking back.

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