Jennifer Leonard, is a thirty something separated woman. She is abducted in Port Clinton by a lone gunman on her way to get her boat ready for the winter


Jennifer and her husband Jeff have parted amicably after ten years of marriage. Her life at the moment has no purpose and she seems to go through each day in a fog, and an having an occasional sexual fantasy.

While taking her boat out of Lake Erie for the winter she is abducted and forced at gun point to take her abductor to Canada. Jen does her best to not provoke the armed man and does whatever he asks as they head for Ontario.

The abduction takes a strange twist when Jen finds her abductor, unconscious, and bleeding from a knife wound. It’s then that Jen learns, to her astonishment, that the gunman, is in fact a woman, and the woman is a State Trooper. Jen has to tend to the wounded intruder and wait for her to gain consciousness to learn what is happening.

It seems the wounded police woman, Kelli Mason, has been working undercover on a corruption investigation involving high ranking State Police Officials. The female officer, Kelli and her partner are double crossed and during a shootout, Kelli is wounded and her partner Vicki is killed. Afterward, Kelli is blamed for Vicki’s murder.

Knowing she has no one she can trust, Kelli changes identities and decides to head to Canada where she has a resource that can clear her name and help her find safety in a witness protection program. All of which Jen agrees to help her with.

Arriving at in Toronto, at the home of Kelli’s Uncle a retired RCMP Major, Jen and Kelli are ambushed and Jen sees Kelli go down from a gunshot to the heart. Everything goes haywire and Jen rushed away and kept in the dark about the ambush or the status of the corrupt State Police officials. Fearing for her own life, it has Jen contemplating suicide to rid herself of the deep depression and paralyzing fear.

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