The Best Lesbian Sex Positions

Gabrielle Kassel

 May 09, 2019


Lesbian Sex 101

Let’s not beat around the bush (heh): If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either having—or want to be having— sex with another person with a vagina. (Psst: You’re not alone. More women are  than ever before.)

Lesbian Sex 101

Let’s not beat around the bush (heh): If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either having—or want to be having— sex with another person with a vagina. (Psst: You’re not alone. More women are  than ever before.)

First off: Congrats! Lesbian sex or sex between two people with vaginas—whatever you personally want to call it—is great! Never slept with another woman or vagina-owner before? Start by checking out this , then come right back here.

If you’ve been having sex with another person with a vulva, you know there are a million (nay, a trillion) sexy-as-hell ways two women can have sex. Curious where to start or looking for some new material? Here, sexperts share their favorite lesbian sex positions.

Side by Side Missionary Position

If you and your partner both enjoy digital penetration, try mutual fingering. “This is a great option for people who find supporting their weight difficult in certain positions, those who have knee, back, or hip pain as well as those who prefer shallow penetration,” says Amy Boyajian, co-founder and CEO of , an online boutique for sex toys.

To try it, lie on your sides, facing each other so that you’re close enough to kiss, says Boyajian. From here, reach between each other’s legs and use fingers to stimulate each other. You might try slowly rubbing their inner and outer lips, sliding a finger (or two or three!) inside their vagina if they like penetration, or pressing on their G-spot (which is located at the entry of front wall). And hey, why not try out  on your partner?

Also, don’t forget the lube! “Adding some additional lubrication will enhance sensations and reduce friction,” says Boyajian.


Thanks to mainstream porn—which has perpetuated the myth that scissoring is the only lesbian sex position (untrue, obv)—scissoring gets a back rep. But if you both enjoy clitoral stimulation, it’s pretty awesome.

Scissoring is any act that involves two people with vulvas rubbing said vulvas against each other. How you make this happen will depend on your anatomy, height, flexibility, and preference. (Related: )

Try having one partner lie on her back with her legs spread while the other lies on her side, facing the opposite direction so that she can position her body the way two scissors might. Switch up the angle by having one or more partner prop themselves up on their hand or elbow. To make it more intimate, the partner on their side can bend forward so that you can be face-to-face.

Make it even more fun by placing a bullet vibrator in between your bodies to stimulate both your clits at the same time, says Mackenzie Riel, relationship and sex expert with , and online sexual wellbeing shop. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, “add a small of amount of clit tingling gel to the outer surface of the vibrating bullet, to drive you both wild,” she says. (Pro tip: Stretch first. Seriously, do , since this configuration can be tough on tight hip flexors.)

The Chair

If you go crazy for oral sex, switch up the angle by having your partner lay on their back, and straddle their mouth. “This position can make the receiver feel sexy and empowered, while also being in more in control of the movements and sensation,” says Boyajian. And it gives your partner an incredible view of and access to your chest.

To ramp up the intimacy, look down and directly into your partner’s eyes—nothing’s hotter than looking into your partner’s eyes as they pleasure you. You might even talk dirty to them  while they do so.

The Reverse Chair

Who said you have to face forward when doing oral cowgirl? “Facing the other way direction gives your partner easy access to play with your booty,” says Boyajian. Yeehaw.

How far you lean forward or back will determine what your partner’s mouth and tongue have access to. If you enjoy analingus, sit straighter up make your bum-hole more accessible to their tongue.

For more clitoral stimulation, though, lean forward to intensify the sensation. As you lean over, you might use your fingers to play with your partner’s clitoris. Or, even add a vibrator.

The Tilted 69

If you enjoy cunnilingus, why not switch it up with this iteration? Lie down on your sides in opposite directions and give each other oral sex. For more access, lift your knee and allow your partner to rest their head along your inner thigh.

“If getting the right angle is proving difficult, enhancing the 69 position with toys,” suggests Boyajian. “Consider adding an insertable vibrator for G-spot stimulation like the , or even a butt plug for an added feeling of fullness like the .”

The Grind

Cue the Marvin Gaye. This easy, face-to-face position allows for lots of full-body contact and heavy make-out sessions. “With one partner laying on top of the other, try grinding and rubbing your vulvas against one another’s bodies,” suggests Boyajian.

There are no rules here; instead, let your bodies guide you. “You might try crisscrossing legs so you each of you can stimulate your clits by rubbing on one another’s thighs,” they say. Or, you might try humping and grinding your clitoris against your partners leg while they pull your hair or massage your breasts. Mix and match and move and groove as you see fit.

Strap on Missionary

This position requires a little planning because you’ll need a dildo, harness, and some lube. Ready? If you’re going to be the penetrated partner, lay down, and then have your strapped-on partner gets on top and enters you, missionary style. “Add a dab of lubricant to the tip of the dildo before penetration for smooth and pain-free entry,” says Riel.

Try experimenting with the angle of your hips until you find your sweet spot. “The receiving partner can take the strap on dildo vaginally or anally, and at different depths and angles,” says Riel. If you enjoy G-spot stimulation, prop a pillow or wedge under your hips, so as your partner thrusts your G-spot is getting rubbed. “If the partner doing the penetrating needs more stimulation, they can slip a bullet vibrator underneath the harness,” says Boyajian.

Strap-on Doggie Style

“This is ideal for those who prefer deep penetration,” says Boyajian. “It allows for deep vaginal access while also giving both partners the ability to create a pleasurable rhythm.” It also gives the penetrating partner a great view of, and access to, the receivers’ booty and back. (Go ahead, show off those ).

If you’re the partner being penetrated, you have easy access to your own nipples and clitoris, so have at it! Who knows, you might end up having a . If you’re the partner in the back, try wearing a butt plug, which will stimulate your anus as you thrust. Along the same lines, “you can also try inserting anal beads and having your partner slowly pull them out during climax,” says Riel.

Because this position is going to allow the strapped-on partner to enter the penetrated partner deeper and more fully, you might start out with a shorter dildo. Then, experiment with different shaped and style dildos, suggests Boyajian. “Dildos with curves and ridges like the can offer some variety to the sensations.”

No need to sick to just dildo-in-vagina sex; Some partners enjoy the visual of receiving a strap-on blow job too.

Ride Em

Have your partner lie on their back with their hand palm-up, resting on their lower belly. Now, facing them, straddle their hips and sink down onto their fingers. Ride their hand, finding a rhythm that feels good from the inside and allows you to enjoy the sensation of your clitoris rubbing against their palm and wrist with each thrust. (Check out these other .)

If it’s not uncomfortable on your back, you might lean back so that you can stimulate your partner between the legs. Or, reach down and play with their breasts and nipples, if they enjoy it.

Note: You can also have the penetrating partner sit in a chair, which will make the position feel more like a sexy lap dance. This lesbian sex position requires communication, though, because your partner’s wrist could begin to get sore.


“Perfect for those who enjoy close physical contact as well as ideal for those lazier sexy moments, spooning is a great way to get it on,” says Boyajian. Have your partner lay behind you so that you’re laying like two stacked spoons. “This more intimate and cuddly position is a great time to incorporate strap-ons and penetrative toys,” they say.

But it’s dealers choice: Touch, play, grab, grope, penetrate, bite, twist, and massage each other as you both find pleasurable.

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