MAID TO ORDER: Struggling to put herself through college, twenty year old Jan works as a maid for a family with an eighteen year old daughter who decides Jan would be fun to play with.

SEXUAL JUSTICE WARRIOR: As an undercover female cop, Nikki is required to do a lot of questionable things. But what gang boss Bonnie Bucci, asks her to do is over the top.


Dawn is an eighteen year old living at home, with her parents. She is a bit of a slob, and has a problem with personal hygiene. Her parents ignore it as a phase she is going through. But when the house maid, Jan points out Dawn’s lack of grooming skills the sparks fly.

Jan is subdued by the bigger girl following a one sided struggle. The altercations leads to Dawn deciding to take advantage of the maid. Maybe show the cute straight maid the lesbian side of life. And since Jan really needs the job she is unable to put up much resistance.

Dawn’s domination of Jan causes her to become a bit of a celebrity with a certain few of her classmates, those into domination and submission. Her celebrity draws a very popular girl Leigh over to Dawn’s to witness the domination of her maid. Leigh is quickly impressed and asks for some time with Jan for herself. Dawn readily agrees.

Things have a way of going sideways and Dawn comes to realize, Leigh is slowly taking control of Jan away from Dawn. Dawn is torn, between losing her playmate or losing her celebrity. She is not sure which bothers her more.

Beautiful, and sexy lesbian Nikki, nickname Nikki Knockers, is an undercover cop. In her undercover work she infiltrates various gangs, and alerts authorities of various crimes that are planned. The job requires her to pose as small time drug dealer, hooked on her on merchandise.

One hot evening, she gets an unexpected visit from Bonnie Bucci, or Bonnie Buc while Nikki is enjoying a cold beer in her favorite brew pub. The visit on the surface seems to be amiable enough but Nikki is waiting on the other shoe to drop. Bonnie always has an ulterior motive for why she does things.

Bonnie has learned one of her top madams, Judy Broadside, The Broad as she is known, is skimming some of the take from her and if The Broad weren’t so good at her job, Bonnie would have had her snuffed out in an instant. Instead she decides to teach Bonnie a lesson, using some of Nikki’s special talents. Hoping the humiliation she is subjected to will convince her of the error of her ways.

Nikki is asked to administer some humiliating sexual justice to the crooked madam, administered in such a way as to make certain The Broad never tries to cross Bonnie again. Nikki the good soldier she is jumps at the task and leaves The Broad a quivering lump of pudding when she is finished.


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2 thoughts on “TWO BRAND NEW RELEASES!

  1. Kinky hot… both of them. 🙂 I’ve seen a few variations on the maid theme before (yours is still unique though), but the undercover cop one is definitely a twist I wouldn’t have thought of. 🙂


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