Book smart, but beautiful Sam attend a business conference with a co worker Kari. Kari learns Sam is a virgin and sets her sights on remedying that problem.


Samantha, or Sam is a brilliant, beautiful accountant with an MBA. She also is still an introverted virgin and plans to remain that way for a long time. That is until she attends a business conference with a coworker, Kari.

Kari is an avowed lesbian, proud of it and when she reveals to Sam her attraction to women, Sam is shocked and tries to distance herself from the girl for fear she will hit on her, an idea that is shocking and disgusting to her.

The conference is for an entire week and the two reach a truce of sorts so the time at the event will go more smoothly. That was all the opening Kari needed, and her persistence wins out and the two finally reach an erotically charged agreement. It’s not going to be a romance, just an experiment.

Kari, however, is smitten with Sam and goes out of her way to make her first lesbian experience memorable, even taking her to a lesbian variety show. The show is pretty intense and works like a charm keeping Sam in an aroused mood. Sam even breaks character and joins the entertainers on stage.

The show is a double bill and there is a wild act that follows the lesbian themed first act. Kari knows what the show will be, and Sam, who is not a clue, at first is puzzled at the content, but the strange entertainment works its magic and the girls rush back to their hotel and settle in for a night of rollicking fun.

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